About Petra Tymkiw

Hi, I'm Petra 

I have always loved colours and patterns. 

Because of my early signs of creativity my parents encouraged me – sending me to art classes wherever we lived, and to art school, where I majored in graphic design, photography & ceramics (but mostly trouble). And graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts honours

I started working in the graphic field creating historic walking tours for Manitoba.  I was out all summer taking photos of heritage buildings and in the winter months I would be in the office designing and producing the publications.  From graphics it was a natural progression to marketing, which took me into the corporate gaming world.  In time I began to feel a little disjointed, I enjoyed my work, but it no longer satisfied me..  So I started searching. I began taking art classes.  My first class was at Prairie Stained Glass creating lamp work beads; that was frustratingly difficult for me – I must give these artists an enormous amount of credit for the patience & control they have to create the small works of art, but it was definitely not for me.  However, while I was wandering around the studio, they were unloading a kiln loaded full of treasure! A trove of colour! Oh my! Who knew such a bounty of beauty existed?  Fused glass rich with colour and pattern, my a-ha moment. And so started this passion of mine filled with bright, vibrant, saturated colour.

I now have a home studio just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I share the space with my husband and 2 opiniated Shih Tsus, Cinder-Ella & Rembrandt.

I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy creating them.  This is my passion and it is with great pleasure that I share it with you.